Help end child sex trafficking in your community

The commercial sexual exploitation of minors is child abuse, and a form of modern-day slavery. Sex trafficking exists in every city across America, including Oakland. Most victims survive because people like you take action and help.

The Facts

Take action & help

Free a Child

Report suspected sex trafficking by calling 911. For non-emergencies, call the H.E.A.T Watch Tipline at 510-208-4959 or If you see a child in your neighborhood or on the streets who you suspect needs help escaping sex trafficking call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-888-3737-888 or text BeFree.

Learn & Teach

Access our H.E.A.T. Watch toolkit, a guide to combatting human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children in your own community. Find resources, templates, information and more. Create your own H.E.A.T. Watch program to hold traffickers accountable, keep victims safe, and engage your community.

Do something

Take part in community outreach efforts and make an impact. Visit the H.E.A.T. Watch website for an up-to-date list of local, statewide, and national anti-human trafficking events.

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Then get the word out to other people that you want to protect Oakland’s kids from commercial sexual exploitation.

About the Campaign

Oakland is undertaking a major prevention and awareness campaign around the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The Alameda County DA’s Human Exploitation & Trafficking (H.E.A.T.) Watch Program, Mentoring, Inspiring, Serving and Supporting Sexually Exploited Youth, (MISSSEY), Clear Channel Outdoor, and concerned citizens are working together to educate school staff, parents, students and the community at large about the threat of commercial sexual exploitation, and how to report suspected cases of sex trafficking.

We launched this billboard campaign in January 2014 in recognition of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. This campaign promotes local resources for victims of child sex trafficking and educates the public about ways they can help exploited youth.

With increased awareness and with tips that can be anonymous, more victims will be identified and linked to support services. Prevention programs will help keep our children from becoming victims of exploitation or exploiters themselves.

Stay up to date about the campaign by joining the H.E.A.T. Watch mailing list. We’ll keep you informed about the billboard launch and other community events on human trafficking.

Campaign Partners

The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office is a leader in addressing human trafficking. In 1994, the DA’s Office launched a pilot project focusing on the sexual exploitation of minors by adults. In 2005, before the passage of California’s first human trafficking law, the DA’s Office created a specific Human Exploitation & Trafficking (H.E.A.T.) Unit to aggressively prosecute offenders. Then in 2010, the DA’s Office, in partnership with Alameda County Health Care Services, introduced H.E.A.T. Watch, a comprehensive community engagement response. From 2011 to 2013, H.E.A.T. Watch has identified close to 400 youth at risk for, or already involved in, child sex trafficking. Since 2006, the DA’s Office has prosecuted 46% of all human trafficking cases in California with an 86% conviction rate.

MISSSEY is a community-based organization in Alameda County, CA, founded in 2007 to respond to the heartbreaking epidemic of sexual exploitation. MISSSEY provides a safe environment where sexually exploited youth can access comprehensive services, including work, housing, education and family assistance. They also provide information to the community and government about the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Clear Channel Outdoor is committed to being a strong community partner in each of the markets in which its employees live and work. Clear Channel Communities™ is the community engagement brand of Clear Channel that champions critical issues and causes.